Fresh Milled Oats

Like a coffee grinder, but for oats.

Better Texture, Better Taste

Commercial rolled oats are steamed, making the oat soft for processing. Our oats are flaked fresh without steam, providing natural flavor and texture straight to the bowl.

Fresh and Simple

Watch for yourself. Our mill holds oat groats and rolls them FRESH, in-store. Like any grain, nutrients begin to break down immediately after processing. When were your oats rolled?

Taste the difference.

oat groats
fresh milled oats

Know your farmer... know your food

Our goal is to partner with local farmers. A cold, massive corporate factory is no place to send oats. Trust us, we've been there!

Keep it simple. Keep it local. Keep it pure.

Note: our oats are currently sourced from Grain Millers, Inc (Iowa) while we gain scale -- no Michigan mills offer oats (yet!).

factory free oats